Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles

What Is Forex A.I.R.?

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Forex A.I.R. is stand for “Forex Artificial Intelligence Robot”. It is not general Forex Robot that you have seen before. Rather, it is a highly sophisticated automated trading algorithm that uses cutting edge Neural Network technology to successfully trade four currency pairs in the Forex market.

Neural Networks are extremely powerful when combined with trading algorithms because they allow the Robot to automatically adapt and adjust with changing market conditions. What this means is that they automatically optimise the best settings.

It is this cutting edge technology that has catapulted Forex A.I.R. to boast nearly four years of incredible trading results, since its inception.

What’s more, with the implementation of recent modifications and multiple currencies, the results are getting even better. Couple this with our powerful Trade Manager software (for completely hands-free management) and our cloud based hosting, and it’s no wonder that once we get a customer they stick around for a long time.

It is estimated that over 70% of trading going on today happens using automated algorithms. This gives Forex A.I.R. huge potential to shake up the Forex trading landscape among retail traders. We’ve been working on this automatic trading technology for the past 10 years.

Is Forex A.I.R. Work?

In my own opinion YES.

The Forex A.I.R. automated trading system is the next generation of Forex robots based on our proprietary Forex A.I.R. 9 Algorithm (F.A.I.R 9). This algorithm contains 8 back propagation multi-layer neural networks.

The automation is based on two different strategies, which work like two single modules and which helps to avoid big draw-downs. The strategies will hedge each other (not ‘lock’ hedging, as it is NFA compliant) . We also have optimized the F.A.I.R 9 Algorithm for 4 low correlated currencies.

This approach allows us to receive higher profit with lower draw-downs. The strategies behind Forex A.I.R. use signals from standard and non-standard built-in indicators on the MT4 platform and open/close prices values.

  2. Time frame: M5
  3. No martingale, No grid (Extremely Important)
  4. Uses both stop loss and take profit on all trades
  5. Risk: Minimal
  6. Not sensitive to broker
  7. Built-in money management module
  8. Because of the neural network there is never a need to re-optimize
  9. It uses a proprietary new filtering system (real time) to reduce risk even further.

Below is a diagram of how the Forex A.I.R. 9 Algorithm Works.

fair1 Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles


The Forex A.I.R. 9 Algorithm monitors currency markets around the world, 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. A trader can literally set it up and forget it or even better… they can have us manage the entire process for them with our powerful trade manager software. This process is all pre-set and hosted on our redundant cloud servers (with unlimited capacity).

The Forex A.I.R. 9 algorithm looks for trades during all three trading sessions (European, U.S. and Asian). It is literally the equivalent of three full-time traders in one. Forex A.I.R. 9 never takes a break, never goes home early and never gets up to use the bathroom.

The Forex A.I.R. 9 algorithm was designed and coded collaboratively by a group of highly skilled mathematicians, Forex traders (myself being one) and programmers. It is the result of a lot of testing and tweaking.

Forex A.I.R. takes all market conditions into consideration and will work in trending markets or flat markets.  We never stop testing it using our Neural Network.

The money management algorithm can be adjusted to fit a trader’s specific risk tolerance and goals… and can be set to figure lot size by account balance and recent trading history. This optimizes the lot size to the best possible value for the current deposit and market conditions. The trader trades no more than the risk tolerance and no less to maximize performance.

What’s more, it does not use Martingale or Grid strategies, so there is a very low risk of ruin.

  • The first strategy is similar to a scalping strategy (although it is not an actual scalping strategy), so there is no risk of a broker shutting the account down. This also allows you to reduce the dependence on the spread, as well as the dependence on execution time.  It allows you to take maximum profits during sideways markets or flat markets.
  • The second strategy is a trend-following strategy. It has a goal of 50-300 pips and position duration of up to 24 hours. This allows the trader to take maximum profits during trending sessions. The strategy uses both, hard stops and trailing stops.

While the strategies act as a hedge to increase profits and lower draw-downs, it does not use “lock” orders (two different orders in the opposite direction) which is not allowed by the NFA. This way the trader can use NFA registered brokers as well as non-NFA registered brokers.

This is not a fly by night fad robot that is over optimised to work this month and not the next.  I’ve been trading the markets for ten years, both my own and client funds as a CTA, and this is a culmination of thousands of hours of work.

How Does Forex A.I.R. Perform?

Below I’ve included the performance of Forex A.I.R. This is live money and verified by MyFXBook.Com.

Forward Test (Real Account $10,000) old version 3.1 EURUSD only

fxairperform1 Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles


New REAL account monitoring (FXOpen Real)

png Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles


Back Test Performance (Result)

png 1 Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles

png 2 Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles png 3 Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles png 4 Forex AIR Review by Cecil Robles


As you can see, I’m providing you with a lot of information about Forex A.I.R., both the technical aspects as well as sales results. Forex A.I.R. is proven to yield phenomenal results, and traders like us love automation.

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Why Forex Trader Need Forex AIR by Cecil Robles?

If you’re like most traders, including myself, you began trading with a dream.

You want to make a lot of money, with the least amount of effort and risk. You want to live life on your own terms. The goal is to experience financial freedom and trading success.

This is now possible, with a breakthrough Forex A.I.R system that makes virtually every other system obsolete. It can help you achieve your dreams faster than you may have thought possible.

Forex A.I.R solves the biggest problem you’ll ever face as a trader (revealed on the video). And it’s raked in gains of 399.84% over 2 1/2 years. That’s an average ROI of 160% per year! I’m totally psyched about this… more than I have been in a long time.

Forex pro Cecil Robles, one of the most successful traders I know, has just released a free 3-part video series talking about this breakthrough… and what it means to you. Cecil is not only a kick-butt trader with an amazing track record, he’s equally committed to helping other traders succeed as well.

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Here is some of what you’ll discover on this video.

  1. The 1st reason why the majority of traders fail and what you can do about it.
  2. Why your brain could actually be the biggest obstacle to your success.
  3. Big hedge funds use kind of system to siphon cash from the market and you can too.
  4. You’ll get access to a free 20-page report that covers all this and a whole lot more.

I got a sneak peak at Cecil’s new system in action, and it’s amazing.

It predicts how the market will behave with up to 80% accuracy… and adjusts on the fly when conditions change. It takes all the guesswork out of trading… so you don’t have follow charts or indicators, worry about entry or exit points, or wonder how the Fed’s latest announcement will affect the spread.

I don’t know how long the video will be online, so take advantage of this opportunity while you still can. You can register here…

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Forex A.I.R is Going Launch Soon!

Forex A.I.R Review Is Here

Hi traders, this is Forex A.I.R Review Blog site.

Firstly, we want you to beer in mind that, this blog will be update from time to time, so that you guys can have a good and clear picture to purchase this low risk and earn high margin new trading robot, course and even indicator!

Forex A.I.R will be launch at below vital dates and you need to book those dates now.

  • Pre-Launch starts December 2nd
  • Launch Day is December 6th

For those who don’t know, Forex A.I.R is one of the well known Trading education currently in the market and it just released by Cecil Robles !

Forex A.I.R is well known trading course among the forex market and it also is one of the systems that Forex A.I.R strategy used to trade,tested and sell to other traders. After developing the course and teaching it to their current traders, they realised just how easy it was to analyse forex upside down. Plus, with the impressive win rate. So they decided to separate it out from the Forex A.I.R and offer it as a stand-alone trading coaching system for those wanting to get a taste of the action (but not YET ready to upgrade to the full Forex A.I.R experience).

Moreover, Forex A.I.R is their newest high-frequency, low-risk trading strategy is coaching by well known trader – Cecil Robles ! Watch what he say right here…

Let’s Recap On Forex A.I.R

  • Sub-Niche: Trading System/ Strategy/ Indicator/ Coaching
  • Product Type: Software
  • Delivery Method: Hosted
  • Platform: Infusion

Make sure you watch out this space because I’ll provide you with a detail review about Forex A.I.R as well as I’ll put together a great Forex A.I.R bonus for every person that will purchase this course from here.

OK, that’s it for now. I’ll post more information as soon as it becomes available. Please make sure you share this FREE updated Information about Forex A.I.R towards your community. The value that you will receive is unsurpassed.